No one wins during tribal fighting, only losers


I WRITE to inform the government authorities in Kagua-Erave, Southern Highlands, of an escalating tribal fight taking place in Sugu valley.
The tribal fight is reportedly claiming many lives on both sides.
The matter has been reported by media but to date there has been no State intervention to stop the escalating conflict and save lives.
It is reported that police officers are still waiting for their allowances.
The allowances culture is killing the police force and mainstream public service.
Allowances and travel emoluments is chewing up a huge chunk of State agencies’ finances.
During my time in the public service, this allowance culture was never heard of, except that I would claim camping allowances on my return to the station and then I would only be paid after submitting my patrol report.
This allowance culture is certainly killing the performance of State police and public servants alike.
I appeal to Police Commissioner Gari Baki to direct mobile police officers to intervene as soon as possible before more lives are lost or people displaced.
The tribal fight may escalate to neigbouring areas if the police do not intervene now.
The police can camp at Sumbura or the Mambore disused airstrip and maintain their presence as a deterrent.
I also appeal to Governor William Powi and Kagua-Erave MP Wesley Raminai to fund the police deployment and broker peace among the warring tribes.
Finally, to the fighting clans, please stop because in tribal fights there are no winners, only losers. Tribal fighting is not a good thing.

Yapi Akore

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