No plans for new SNS outlets, says Patel


THERE is no immediate plan to put up Stop & Shop (SNS) outlets in other centres, says City Pharmacy Ltd managing director Mahesh Patel.
Patel said they, however, would open new City Pharmacy outlets in centres where the pharmacy is not operating.
“This is because access to health in PNG is limited,” he added.
Patel said its warehouse in Gerehu should be opened in May although it could be delayed because of the coronavirus.
“The problem is that we are waiting for our racking systems from China,” he said.
“It has been delayed so we may be running a little late.
“We were planning to open in May, but it could be June, July, depending on when the racking arrive.
“And then the supplier will send people here for the installation.
“But with the coronavirus, now if they are not allowed in the country, it is going to be another problem.
“So it is definitely going to be delayed.”
Patel said currently, SNS was doing great in Port Moresby.
“We have got our hands full here,” he said.
“We will look at more express types if possible – smaller, more convenient shopping.
“For pharmacy, we might look at expansion later in the year, because health care is a basic need.”

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