No police in vast, rural district

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The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014

 THE vast rural Pomio district of East New Britain still lacks a proper police presence, a senior officer says.

Provincial police commander Anthony Wagambie said despite its size and rural setting, no police officers were based there.

“Pomio district is a very vast area,” he said in Kokopo.

Supt Wagambie said police from Kokopo were deployed to Pomio when there was a need.

He said the only policeman based there had died, leaving the Palmalmal station without any officer.

Pomio includes inland, mountainous and coastal areas.

It is expected to begin exports from the oil palm project there.

Wagambie said that would mean changes and  development.

“I have spoken with Pomio MP Paul Tiensten and he has already earmarked plans for police to be posted into the district at strategic locations so that we (police) will be able to provide policing services to the people,” he said.

He said he planned to visit the district to organise housing, a post and logistics for police operations in the district.