No police, mob runs riot in Telefomin


The National, Wednesday 11th January 2012

TELEFOMIN, West Sepik province, has been the scene of some brutal killings in recent months and all are being blamed on sorcery.
The two policemen there have not done anything and appear to side with the renegade mob in the community which goes around hunting for the sorcerers.
Anybody who is blamed of sorcery is summarily executed.
On Oct 11 last year, after a man died of heart failure, the mob attacked and chopped two men to death in a brutal killing. The mob also tortured five others who were prevented from being taken to hospital for treatment.
It then set about vandalising and destroying private and state properties, including a school, worth thousands of kina.
There is currently no law and order in Telefomin.
This renegade mob is made up of drug addicts who are now in total control of Telefomin station, carrying bush knives and guns around, terrorising and threatening innocent citizens.
Last month MP Peter Iwei visited the station and was petitioned to bring in Vanimo police to arrest members of this mob. However, he said it was an internal matter which the community should sort out.
He personally appealed to the troublemakers to stop their evil ways.
Iwei forgets that innocent people have been killed, state properties destroyed and there is still fear in the community.
These deaths and other crimes must be properly investigated and the culprits arrested and brought to justice. It is as simple as that.
Can the police department look into this? Even the so-called Christians of the area have endorsed the witch hunts carried out by this unruly mob.
Where are the law enforcers in West Sepik province?