No principles in life


THE country has observed the changes in the political leadership where People’s National Congress (PNC) party has orchestrated.
The current Prime Minister crossed over to the opposition to remove his predecessor, Peter O’Neill.
In the recent weeks, Prime Minister James Marape decided to remove PNC party from his Pangu Pati-led government.
O’Neill and Richard Maru were moved out but the others remained, including the speaker who is the deputy leader of the party.
How can the other members of the party remain in government when the party leader and a former minister were forced to move?
Its shows why this country is corrupt because leaders have no principles in life.
They are hooked on power and privileges that their reasons to remain are unacceptable.
How can the government take back PNG when we have these kind of leaders?

True party member

One thought on “No principles in life

  • PNC has always been a corrupt party running the country down. Under the leadership of Sir Bill Skate, PNC destroyed PNG and now under Peter O’Neill it is the same trend. The leaders in PNC now have the chance to make a difference if they wish to remain with the Marape/Steven Government to take PNG back. It is about principles and quite contrary to what is claimed here.

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