No priority to meet DSIP targets

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, June 10th 2011

WHEN the District Services Improvement Programme (DSIP) was initiated in 2006, five areas were targeted:
.   Education;
.  Health;
.  Water supply;
.   Transport; and
.   Law and justice.
Under the district health improvement programme, the scope was for the provision of facilities to address infant and maternal mortality while under the district water supply programme, the scope was for the provision of safe and potable water.
These two programmes were targeted at impro­ving the life of our women folk in the districts and to end the daily drudgery of fetching water.
Since then, the women folk have been neglected and will continue to be neglected in future.
Reducing infant and maternal mortality rate and access to clean drinking water will still remain a dream to many of our women in the districts.
If these two programmes had been adequately funded since 2006, they would have contributed significantly to­wards achieving some of the Millennium Development Goals.
I hope the acting prime minister will crack the whip and direct those res­ponsible to start working to meet the target.

Imwas Buruap
Port Moresby