No real change in NCD

Letters, Normal

I HAVE been monitoring the changes occurring in Port Moresby and noticed that while there are many “visual and physical changes” in the city, the governor has yet to effect real changes within the fabric of society itself in NCD.
He has placed much emphasis on sports and the “beautification” of the city such as parks, water fountains and others that although may seem pleasing for the eye, has in fact blinded many from the truth that the people’s lives are still the same.
The issues that matter most such as crime, unemployment (with the exception of those engaged by NCDC), poverty, effective delivery of social services, educational programmes, traffic congestion, affordable housing, welfare issues, settlement woes, unequal distribution of wealth, domestic violence, school and health subsidies, etc, have yet to be impacted.
While these issues understandably cannot be solved within a five-year term, the inaction on the part of the governor to seriously tackle them raises a lot of serious questions in his capacity as a leader whom many wish to see as the next prime minister.
The frustrations and constraints of Moresby life have not changed since the day he took office and are daily reminders that “what you see is what you get”.
Those with an IQ of below 60 cannot distinguish as to what constitutes real advancement in a society.
As the saying goes “reality is what you can’t see”.


VIP July 4th
Port Moresby