No record at all for payments to Works Dept

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PAYMENTS made to the Works Department through the Sepik Highway trust have also raised the concern of the Public Accounts Committee.
Neither the Auditor-General nor the Public Accounts Committee could find any documentation relating to these payments which were expressed to be:
a) Supervision and payment services – K1,208,700; and
b) Sepik Highway Counterpart Funding – K6,000,000
The committee directed production of these documents from the Planning Department, the Finance Department and/or the provincial administration. 
Nothing was forthcoming.
How these documents could simply disappear was not explained to the committee.
In the absence of documents, the PAC was forced to conclude that the documents had been “deliberately removed, destroyed or hidden from the committee by these three agencies”. 
The PAC said: “How the Finance Department – the department responsible for acquitting and certifying proper accountability for these monies can have no records at all is utterly beyond the understanding of this committee.
“At best, the absence of documents suggests gross negligence and incompetence.