No respect in House


I THANK Samuel Kaugla for his view point in The National on Monday relating to the incident in the Parliament last week.
My friend demanded an apology from Madang Governor Peter Yama for what he said to Kerenga Kua during the session the previous Wednesday.
The session last week was full of drama uncertainties suspicions, point of orders and interjections.
I was also watching closely as it happened at that time, it all happened when the former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill announced his resignation on the floor.
Following that, former Prime Minister Sir Julius Chan commending O’Neill for his leadership in the last seven years.
When Sir Julius took the floor, Member for Madang Bryan Kramer and Member for Sinasina-Yongomugl Kerenga Kua continued to shout interjections and point of orders disturbing Parliament.
Kua even refused to stop when the Speaker called on him to stop and allow Sir Julius to continue.
That was when Yama stepped in and said what he had said to stop Kua from interjections.
My view is that both members, Kua and Kramer, had no respect for Sir J and the Chair.
Their actions prompted Yama to react that way, what’s said in the Parliament are recorded in the Hansard and remains the property of the Parliament.
Any withdrawals or apology on matters that transpired in Parliament must be done on the floor of the Parliament during session.
I see no point in the public debating the issue.
The two leaders in their own time will meet and exchange apologies.
Leave it to them.

C. Locke

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