No response for Kapris no-show

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ALLEGED bank robbery mastermind William Nanua Kapris only appeared in one of his two scheduled court hearings at the Waigani National Court yesterday morning.
He did not show up at the Boroko District Court later on in the day, making it the second time that he had consecutively “missed” his hearing on charges of escaping from lawful custody and possessing an unlicenced firearm.
Police prosecutors and District Court magistrate Danny Wakikura also could not provide any explanations as they themselves had spend the whole morning waiting in vain.
Mr Wakikura then adjourned the matter to tomorrow.
Back at the Waigani National Court, Kapris briefly appeared and sought directions for his lawyers to visit him and provide legal advice.
Not looking well Kapris, however, confidently entered the room in an orderly manner escorted by Correctional Services officers.
When the court convened and found out that some of the committal matters in Kapris’ alleged bank robberies were yet to be mentioned in court, National Court judge Justice Ere Kariko adjourned the matter to April 20 for further directions hearing. That was when Kapris stood up, and said in pidgin: “Mi laik askim kot long givim tok orait long loya blong mi long kam lukim mi long kalabus na toktok long kot bilong mi. Bikos nau yet, ol woda i no tok orait long ol loya long kam lukim mi.” (I would like to ask the court to issue directions for my lawyers to come and see me in prison and provide legal assistance. Correctional officers were not allowing any of my lawyers to visit me.)
Justice Kariko agreed to the request, stating that the accused has the right to consult his lawyers.
Counsel David Totauna confirmed that he would assist Kapris on the matter, and was instructed to file and serve his legal representation notice.
However, the judge ruled that any other visitations would have to wait until proper procedures and directions had been established with the respective lawyers concerned.
The lawyers were instructed to turn up on Friday and further discuss the issue of visitation.
When contacted and queried on why Kapris did not turn up at the Boroko District Court, all the Correctional Services could say was that “Kapris did appear in court”.
Kapris has been under tight security surveillance and has not been allowed to see a lawyer.