No room for tampering: Uguro


GRADE 12 written expression examination papers from Madang were delivered safely to Port Moresby via Lae, Education Minister Jimmy Uguro says, brushing aside suggestions of tampering.
Parents in Madang had raised concerns in the media that the papers were tampered with or left unattended before being sent to Lae and then to Port Moresby.
Uguro said after every examination, the scripts were collected orderly or ordered per candidate number, put in official envelopes, sealed, signed by the external invigilator and/or the principal and the ends taped.
Multiple packets were taped again securely. This was then stored
under in the custody of the principal, he said
Uguro said all exam papers were packed separately as Wex (Written Expression examination) or if objective exams in cartons and carried by the markers to the marking conference.
Normally, the selected markers for a school or even a province travel together and in the same flights as per tickets issued by measurement service division (MSD).
“There is no room for tampering and they have never seen any incidents so far,” Uguro said.
He said when the scripts were submitted at the marking conference, MSD officers checked and logged them.