No school but Rex now enjoying view from top

Rex Bomal on the 10-seater vehicle.

REX Bomal, 41, did not tell his boss that he never went to school.
So when the boss offered him a job as a sampler at the Ramu Agri Industries laboratory in 1996, Rex had no idea what to do with the pen and calculator he was given.
“I had no idea. The (boss) asked me if I know what I will be doing. I told him yes. I did not tell him I did not have any education. When he gave me three biros and a calculator to start work, I shed tears. I closed my eyes and said: God everything is in your hands.”
Today, Rex owns a fleet of vehicles, a bakery and other businesses running on the side.
Rex is from Omgolai village in Gumine, Chimbu. He is married to Miti Andrew from Mutzing in Markham. They have four sons and a daughter.
The nearest thing to education he went through was attending church services and programmes of the Four Square church.
He was 18 when offered the job at Ramu. Somehow, eight years later, he was still doing the same job. His lack of education did not matter. In fact in 2006, he was promoted to become a field cane analyst.
Three years later, he was promoted to lime and sulphur attendant. In 2010, he was promoted to senior assistant pen boiler responsible for turning sugar white. He was also promoted to senior analyst. He underwent training and passed 20 subjects related to engineering.

“ I did not tell him I did not have any education. When he gave me three biros and a calculator to start work, I cried.”

“They wanted to send me to Unitech but I refused.”
When he became senior analyst and headed the maintenance crew in 2012, he told his boss he wanted to resign to do something else. His boss protested but Rex left.
“I heard a voice (that) God had something else for me. He knows what he is doing. I left for Markham.”
Settling down in Markham, he gave K120 to his wife to start selling flour balls.
“We (later) bought an oven drum for K150 and baked scones which we sold at the Mutzing market. My wife used to push a wheelbarrow up to three miles to take the scones and flour balls to the market.”
In 2012, Rex and Miti built a small bakery and bought a vehicle to transport the scones to the market. They built a bigger bakery in 2013 for K60,000 as the demand for scones increased. Then they also bought a small truck to transport people to and from the villages to Mutzing market.

One of trucks which transports villagers to and from the market.

In 2013, they bought a bigger truck. In 2017, they built a warehouse currently being rented out to Elliven Cocoa to store their produce at Mutzing.
They built another warehouse to store peanuts for farmers which are then transported to the Highlands and New Guinea Islands.
This year, they bought a 10-seater vehicle and a 25-seater bus to add to their fleet. They also registered a mini auto parts company and a hire car company.
Rex’s secret to success is simple: Have a positive mental attitude and have faith in God.
“Let God be embraced and glorified in everything.”

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