‘No security for Pomio elections’


Pomio will not have police presence during the local level governments (LLG) due to bad weather and logistical issues, East New Britain (ENB) election manager Joap Voivoi says.
ENB’s other three electorates of Rabaul, Kokopo and Gazelle would have police providing security during the polling and counting period.
Voivoi said peace and auxiliary officers in Pomio would be used to escort the polling and counting teams in the district.
He also said there was a mobile police unit on standby for any issues that might arise in Pomio during the elections.
“Bad weather is also a contributing factor for prolonging the polling and counting in the districts and at the remote parts of Gazelle,” Voivoi said.
He explained that both polling and counting processes would be done only during the day from 8am to 6pm during the five-day period.
Meanwhile, the polling schedules would be aired on NBC radio in preparation for the start of polling on Saturday.
“We are expecting the running of polling and counting to run smoothly throughout the province,” Voivoi said.
He also said all assistant returning officers for all LLGs with the counting and polling officials were set to start work.

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