No service in Kagua-Erave not all MP Lagea’s fault

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday November 1st, 2013

 THE letter “Lack of services in Kagua-Erave” (The National, Oct 25) by Thomas Mura of Brisbane is worth discussing. 

The author implied that current MP James Lagea is not delivering goods and services. 

In all fairness, I offer my following comments. 

Firstly, this year is just the start of a five-year parliamentary term. 

The people of Kagua-Erave have given Lagea the mandate to represent them until 2017. 

For now, I urge local leaders and elites of Kagua-Erave to rally support and work with him to assist in service delivery to our people, including addressing the prevalent law and order problems in our electorate. 

Secondly, the important instrument of service delivery are public servants, not politicians. 

It could be that public servants are not performing or not supported and resourced to do their work. 

It could also be that the district administration may not be functioning, especially given the prevalent problems in Southern Highlands’ public service in general. 

So, we may be shooting the messenger who is our elected MP, who could be the victim of bad civil administration in the province. 

Thirdly, there is no doubt whatsoever that public service in SHP has collapsed. 

Top management positions such as district administrators are appointed based on political and tribal affiliations. 

The public service culture and attitude have long been eroded and defunct. 

The Department of Personnel Management (DPM) contributed to the failures of public service in provinces, especially in the highlands region, when it granted recruitment powers to provincial administrators through the devolution powers instrument. 

The DPM must withdraw this because soon, public service positions are going to be traded like mini goods on the street. 

Finally, we cannot put the total blame on the MP, but as a leader, he will continue to receive blame for that is part of the leadership responsibilities to accept criticisms. 

I would urge Lagea to work closely with his public servants, trust them and give the resource inputs required for them to do their work. 

I also urge him to continue the good work with law enforcement agencies such as Charles Miru Luta and his district peace mediators, the local police and police reservists to curtail rising lawlessness in the district. 

I also take this opportunity to thank the Eastern police commander of the Ialibu police station for showing leadership in quelling the tribal conflict between the Wambea and KS clans of Kagua. 

I trust the good member will continue to support the police and local leadership for a good cause. 


Yapi Akore