No shortcuts for teachers


THE minimum qualification needed for someone to teach at a primary teachers’ college is a master’s degree.
The process is that those individuals and professionals appointed to teachers’ colleges will be on probation for a year regardless of their qualification.
They then they go through an induction programme.
The induction programme is to see that the new lecturers are well suited and able to deliver the expectations of the education department and the Government at the level that meets the needs of the institutions.
The programme runs for not more than 12 months.
Once the inductee has satisfied all the requirements of the programme, he or she receives an acknowledgement letter from the education department saying that he or she has successfully completed the programme.
He or she then applies to be accepted as a college lecturer.
Once he or she is inspected and accepted as a college lecturer, he or she applies for inspection for eligibility, promotion for senior positions and the list goes on.
It therefore not right for someone to leapfrog the system into a senior position without going through the lengthy process required of everyone.

Waugo Mack
Primary Teacher’s College

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