No sign of improvement


ASE Boas should have stayed in England to continue with his football career rather than bringing him to PNG to help the Hunters.
I think the whole idea of Boas coming to PNG because of family problem is a mar lie.
Boas used that as an excuse to come simply to assist the depleting Hunters.
However, even the presence of Boas saw no sign of improvement.
He should have at least perform and produce some sign of rejuvenation and that would accord him with some respect and even bring morale of Hunters players up.
But, not even a bit.
It would be better for the coach to drop Boas and give more time to Justin Yoka and Terry Teme. Charlie Joe is very slow in rack.
None of the key players, half-back, hooker and five-eight are fast and quick thinker to execute balls.
All of them are very slow.
Justin Yoka and Terry Teme should be given more playing time rather than dropping them.
Another thing is, for every game it seems that the coach is continuously including debutants in every game.
Come on the coach, you cannot go on including debutants in every single game.
That is not on.
How do you maintain the experience players? You drop them and replace them with debutants?
This is not for real.

Hunters Fun,