No sports for 3 provinces

David Manning

NATIONAL Pandemic Response Controller David Manning has banned sports in Eastern Highlands, Western and West Sepik in response to an increase in the number of Coronavirus Delta variant cases in the country.
The National Control Centre issued 11 new measures, which take effect from Thursday, in a bid to control the spread of the virus.
The country has so far recorded 30 Delta cases, of which 22 have been reported in the border province of Western.
“No club, recreational or professional sporting matches shall be allowed to play, except for recreational sporting games of no more than four persons, except as exempted by the controller,” the centre said.
Manning said the measure, to be enforced in the three high-risk provinces, would remain in effect throughout the pandemic or until further notice.
Christopher Raymond Jr, the centre’s Niupela Pasin team leader, told The National yesterday that no specific directives had been issued to the Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation, apart from the measure.
“But the measure is clear that no sporting activities will be allowed,” he said.
“The measure covers every sporting activity, including no spectators, and everyone is advised to comply with it.”
Manning said last week that the measures would include a nationwide ban on mass gatherings and sporting events.
The National Soccer League is the only semi-professional competition underway following the completion of the Digicel Cup season earlier this month. Attempts to get a comment from foundation executive director Albert Veratau were unsuccessful.