No talk on vaccination

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PARLIAMENTARIANS are not talking about the Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination because it may jeopardise their re-election chances, National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop says.
Parkop said the Government’s policy on vaccination remained voluntary but the leaders were not talking about vaccination or driving it into their electorates because many people were against it.
“They are afraid of what the people might decide in the election next year,” he said.
“People have been misled and fear vaccination which forced the leaders to make emotional decisions.
“I will continue to advocate for vaccination into next year.
“NCD is the population hub of the country.
“It would be irresponsible for me to tell you to steam bath and take home remedies.
“I will base my message on what is scientifically proven and that is vaccination works.
“Get the vaccine.
“Do not listen to Dr Google, Dr Facebook and Dr WhatsApp.
“There is a high chance that information shared on these social media platforms will not be factual.
“We all must listen to the health experts.”
Parkop said the Government was committed to ensure the people were protected through having the vaccines available.
He said vaccination was not compulsory and no one would be forced to take it but given the situation in the country, the right thing to do was to be vaccinated.
“The World Health Organisation (WHO), which the Government gets its advice from, is not new to PNG,” he said.
“PNG has been using the vaccines sanctioned by the WHO for years, but people are fearful of the Covid-19 vaccine because it is now being given to adults.
“The WHO has done its due diligence before approving the vaccines manufactured by different companies in different countries around the world.”
Parkop said it was time the leaders stood up and showed leadership in the Covid-19 response.
“Vaccination is the only thing that will take us out of the pandemic,” he said. Parkop stressed that with the low vaccination rate, there was a chance of mutation which may lead to another strain.