No time for disloyalty in force, says Wagambie

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The National, Friday, June 10th 2011

THERE is no room for instability and disloyalty in the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary, Police Commissioner Tony Wagambie said.
The newly-appointed commissioner spoke during the preparatory and planning stages for the 2012 general election conference held at the headquarters yesterday.
Acting Deputy Commissioner and Chief of Operations Fred Yakasa, Deputy Commissioner Tom Kulunga, divisional commanders, assistant commissioners of police and senior officers attended the briefing.
“There is no room for disloyal and non-performing officers.
“There is no room for undisciplined policemen and policewomen.
“We have to be disciplined.
“We have to restore command and control.
“You do not have to like me as a person but your loyalty and dedication must be to the office of the commissioner and to the six million-plus people of PNG.
“Together let us build this organisation into a trusted and professional community-oriented or­ganisation,” he said.
Wagambie said he would not hesitate to use his discretion.
He said absenteeism, incompetence, bribery, betelnut chewing, smo­king and police brutality were occurring on a daily basis, “right under our noses”.  
“Lead your men. Supervise, command and control and do not hesitate to discipline.
“I intend to improve discipline, including trans­parency and ac­coun­tability, to the go­vernment and people of PNG.
“You will extend my zero tolerance for corrupt, undisciplined and un­com­mitted policemen and women. 
“Remember, failure to act reflects incompetency as a commander.
“I will be demanding from all operational commanders a comprehensive crime fight strategy in a month’s time.”
He said he would be issuing directives to acting chief of operations Yakasa to ensure this was complied with.
“This strategy should indicate how you intend to fight crime at the regional, provincial and station le­vels.
“The main drive behind these strategies should be crime prevention and pro­active policing.”