No time for the corrupt


FOR too long, good men have been hesitant to fight because of a flawed systems that has continuously favoured criminals and warlords.
Edmund Burke said “evil prevails when good men fail to act”.
I say having the courage to act in the face of adversity is a calling only a few good men can answer.
The great ancient Egypt civilisation enslaved Israelites for 430 years, until Mosses freed them.
Despite doubts, it took one man’s courage and one “yes” from God to free Israel.
Let us take control of our destiny once and for all.
Let us show corrupt bureaucrats, thieves and criminals that their time is almost over.
Let us make next year the beginning of the rest of our lives.

Prentice Kewanu

One thought on “No time for the corrupt

  • Thank you Prentice. Support this call 100%.

    All like-minded people should put our ideas together to take up this fight and save our blessed country for the future generation, going forward. Enough is enough!

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