No to O’Neill’s shocking decision on asylum seekers

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday July 29th, 2013

 PNG is shocked by Peter O’Neill’s selfish decision to accept Kevin Rudd’s  arrangement to resettle asylum seekers.

I want to assure foreigners that this concept developed by Rudd will definitely not work.  

Why? Because 99% of the land in PNG is owned by customary landowners who will not give up  land easily to asylum seekers. 

Secondly, PNG is a developing country where most educated people, including thousands of school-leavers, are unemployed and looking for jobs and housing.

At the same time, most of the population in rural areas are struggling for basic services such as roads, schools, health services, water supply, electricity and decent housing.

Where in PNG will these asylum seekers be resettled? 

Would it be in O’Neill’s Ialibu-Pangia district? 

Thirdly, people are already discontented about the influx of Asians and are rising up against them by looting their shops, harassing and even killing them because of a perceived loss of business opportunities. 

If the asylum seekers were to be resettled in PNG, ordinary Papua New Guineans will definitely rise up against them. 

What happens then? There  would be chaos and anarchy. 

O’Neill has blindly accepted Rudd’s rubbish, but PNG is not a dumping ground for Australia. 

This thing should have gone to wider consultation. 

Most Papua New Guineans are shocked by O’Neill’s decision.

O’Neill had better solve his problems at home first before trying to fix someone else’s. 

PNG is not owned by one person who can do as he pleases.

Over to you, PNG.

This is your country, so protect it from invasion. 


Steve Perry