‘No treatment for Delta’

Health Watch, National

THERE is no treatment for the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Delta variant with evidence that there is community transmissions after huge gatherings, Health Minister Jelta Wong says.
Wong said that while there was no treatment, there was a need for those who had tested positive to isolate.
He was responding to questions raised by Pomio MP Elias Kapavore who asked questions in relation to the Covid-19 and the number of deaths, vaccinations, common transmission, plans of the Government and if there was any treatment apart from the vaccine.
“The community transmission happening right now is due to the huge gatherings happening in our country,” Wong said.
“We have evidence that after the funeral of Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, the spike (Covid-19) went up, and latest, gatherings in Goroka saw a spike, so we have evidence that the community transmission is done when there are huge gatherings.
“There is no treatment for the Covid-19 Delta variant, this are from the experts, the only thing we can do is isolate from other people so the virus doesn’t spread, and we have oxygen on standby for those who have respiratory problems.
“There are two types of medicines on the market – one is the Ivermectin and it has not been approved.
“Another medicine is from Australia, in the next couple of weeks, we should get evidence from the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the World Health Organisation on whether it is the right medicine to give to the people.”

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