No tussle over H’lands post

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THERE is no tussle over the leadership of the National Alliance Highlands region leadership, re-elected Kandep MP Don Polye said.
Mr Polye brushed aside statements that he was eagerly eyeing the leadership role and said he would allow due process to take its course.
Mr Polye said he was not “power hungry” and was confident in the leadership of Tari-Pori MP and Education Minister James Marape.
But he said it was up to the NA Highlands caucus to decide whether he took over or not, and when the time was right.
Regarding his ministerial portfolio, Mr Polye hinted optimism that he would retain his previous posting as Minister for Works, Transport and Civil Aviation.
“And if I am given my portfolio back, one of the first things I will look into is the investigations into the Kokoda Twin Otter crash and the Hiritano Highway crash that had claimed a lot of lives,” he said.
Other things he would promptly look into “are the safety issues surrounding the Poreporena corner of death, which has cost many lives”.
And reflecting on the violence-ridden by-elections, Mr Polye said a proper study should be undertaken to identify the underlying factors that fueled the violence.
“This is so we prepare and avoid a repeat in the 2012 national elections,” he said.
The Kandep by-election was riddled by problems with loss of lives due to a series of violent clashes between supporters of different candidates and police, changes of counting venues, as well as complaints over ballot box distribution.
Candidates contesting were dubbed as instigators, but Mr Polye said this was not the case as most times, supporters had a mind of their own.