No unnecessary ceremonies: MP

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ANGLIMP-South Waghi MP Joe Kuli told his people that he will not participate in unnecessary ground-breaking ceremonies that did not bear fruit or have any effect at all.
Kuli said that many leaders participated in ground-breaking ceremonies and never turned back to see what they had to do.
Kuli said under his leadership, there won’t be any unnecessary ceremony as most projects never eventuated because of lack of funding.
He said he wouldn’t do ceremonies without funding.


  • Spot on , that is right without funding there wont be any work done so better not to participate .

  • EM tru…ground breaking ceremony usually signals the start of sinister and shady dealings that threaten the funds allocated for projects.

    Kamapim samting ok yumi party na sigan igo kam.

    This has to be a new trend in the making…other MPs to note.

  • Well said and done MP Kuli. You have set standard for your colleagues to follow. Most often funds evaporate into thin air during such unnecessary ceremonies.

  • MP you are speaking from ACTION. well done. we need visionary leaders like you to transform the district.

  • Great thoughts and well stated. This statement is visionary and intelligent, and you have ‘ walked the talk’. well done sir. am confident you will transform the district in the years to come.

  • Well said MP Kuli. Planti Con MPS brukim graun igo, igo na ol save brukim graun natin na nogat wanpla samtin save kamap.

  • Excellent idea MP Kuli, there have been far too many ground breaking ceremonies, which have achieved nothing apart from broken ground and broken hearts. Celebrate once the project has been completed; funds have been accounted for and the facility is ‘fit for purpose’

  • Very true. Government must immediately stop practicing ground breaking ceremonies and also fundings for feasibility studies are waste of organisers and the government monies.

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