No visibility on project: MRA


THE Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) does not have visibility on the Chimbu limestone project.
Responding to queries from The National to provide an update of the project, managing director Jerry Garry said: “We have no visibility to this project despite so much State funds that were claimed to have been spent over the years.
“There are no applications for exploration licences nor for a lime/cement development proposal received by the Mineral Resources Authority.”
A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed last August between the Elimbari Lime and Cement Ltd and Dongfang Electric International Corporation for the development of the Simbu lime and cement project to begin.
Then Commerce and Industry minister and now Environment and Conservation Minister and Chuave MP Wera Mori said the MoU between Elimbari Lime and Cement Ltd, a State-owned company, with China’s Dongfang Electric International Corporation paved the way for the site preparation, special mining lease, engagement of local consultants to undertake social studies, landowner identifications and formation of incorporated land groups.
The Department of Commerce and Industry previously stated that: “The Chimbu limestone project is a state-sanctioned project and we have to get the project off the ground and running and we must not keep the people of Mam and Duma of Chuave in suspense for too long. We have already purchased machinery and vehicles last year from the PIP (public investment programme) worth K5 million and set up project office in Chuave unlike in the past, and it is very important for officers to be on the ground to operate to restore confidence to the landowners, state and other stakeholders.”