No waste management plan, no Frieda mine


THE Government is considering Frieda mine as one of the major projects in the country but issues regarding waste management have not been resolved yet.
Before the Government raise high hopes, please consider your people along the river Sepik.
Do not choose money over lives.
If it means to stop the mine to save people’s livelihoods then stop it.
We all know the mine is run by a Chinese company and the Government has debts with China.
Please do not use this as an excuse and deny human rights.
So far no one has come up with a good waste management plan.
Until a proper waste management plan is agreed upon, put a halt or else stop Frieda mine.

Concerned Citizen

One thought on “No waste management plan, no Frieda mine

  • Remember, people have the power to stop this project before it gets off the ground.

    After the environment and wildlife destroyed, the river and marine life polluted, people’s livelihood completely gone, then we will wake up one day only to realize that we can’t eat money.

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