No water on Dodo Street

Letters, Normal

Then National, Tuesday 11th September, 2012

I AM disappointed with how water is distributed in Sabama-Kilakila.
The Kilakila area (Kogeva) is like a carwash, with water being wasted the whole day on vehicles.
Meanwhile, residents on the hilltop of Dodo Street have suffered for the past 10 to 20 years without water during the day.
We have to wait till late at night, only to get low-pressure water supply, which takes hours to fill our containers and buckets.
Sometimes, water does not even come for weeks.
There is also a church that does not get water but receives monthly bills from Eda Ranu.
We hardly see any Eda Ranu vehicles or staff working in the area.
Can they come to do proper a inspection on the water system and fix whatever that is broken?
I call upon Eda Ranu and the Moresby South MP to look into this matter.

Redz Mahn
Port Moresby