No work no pay: Ipatas

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The National, Tuesday February 11th, 2014

 TEACHERS in Enga have been warned by Governor Peter Ipatas to perform or face disciplinary action.

Ipatas has instructed education authorities in the province to penalise teachers who were slack and not performing her duties.

“Teachers in the province will be expected to perform to the maximum,” Ipatasw said 

“Those who are slack will be punished through their pay,” he said.

Ipatas issued the warning when announcing the transfer of the teachers’ pay system from Port Moresby to Enga. 

It means salaries and leave fares for teachers in Enga will be processed in the province.

Ipatas said with the new salary system, the habit of teachers travelling to Port Moresby to bribe officials to put them back on the payroll would be stopped.

“No teacher will be travelling to Port Moresby to bribe officers there to put them back on salary after they are punished. 

That will be a practice of the past,” he said.

Ipatas gave eight new vehicles to be used by education standard officers (school inspectors) in the province to ensure constant check on the teacher’s performance.

“The vehicles have been purchased for the inspectors to ensure that the teachers are in the classroom with the students,” he said.

The vehicles were distributed in Wabag, last Friday.