Noah Musingku mystery prevails

Letters, Normal

RUMOURS are rife that this weekend Noah Musingku will be formally crowned as the new king and head of state of Bougainville. He has now secured for himself the support of all cultural groups and clans on Bougainville including Meekamui and ABG to say the least. His support base in the region and around the world has mysteriously grown too big. His followers argue that Musingku will save PNG (and the world for that matter) from economic slavery.
His critics describe Musingku as a thorn in the flesh. Let’s wait and see what the Mystery Man is up to. Will the Most Wanted Man become the Most Desired Man of all time? Or will this be just another ‘thorn in the flesh’ of our friendly Pacific governments and banking fraternity? Oh yes just one more, recently we heard that Musingku’s bank was paying out clients online through the commercial banks. One of his street clients in Port Moresby could not control his tears when he showed me his BSP inward credit advice. Before 1998 Musingku was a known street-beggar in Port Moresby. Then in 1998 something strange happened
such that everyone rushed and gave Musingku all their monies. Everyone from grassroots up to the Prime Minister rushed and threw their monies on him without any questions whatsoever. In 1999 Musingku was seen in Australia buying real estate properties in Kempsey, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane and giving them to local churches and NGOs. The list goes on and on and includes issues like Fijian mercenaries, bank cheques, school fee payments, mysterious plane landings, private currency, and so on.


Mysteries Observer,
Port Moresby