Noble man with good intensions


I CONGRATULATE Henry Koiaie Pisimi for receiving a recent Queen’s Birthday award and also wife Susan Koiaie Pisimi for her support over the years.
As a tribesman from the same village, I’ve known him since I was a lad. I can say he had a passion for what he has done for the betterment of Papua New Guinea as a whole.
While reading on The National Weekender (Dec 28) of what Pisimi mentioned of his career in 1959 up until 2018, he kept the statement/stories short.
Otherwise, he could have written a book.
Why I am saying this is that, in those days when there were no proper roads, schools, health centres to name a few, men like Pisimi contributed to bring services to remote areas. He has never involved himself in village politics.
I can say that he has a caring heart for all. He showed the best leadership example to his tribe in Ialibu and
Southern highlands as a whole.
I would like to once again congratulate Pisimi and wife Susan for your support through those years until 2018.

Philip Tiripi Pera.

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