Noise pollution caused by church

Letters, Normal

THE church at Hohola 4, just next to the tyre service shop is contributing to noise pollution. 
From my observation, 99.9% of the people residing at Hohola 4 are Christians from different denominations. 
Some have quiet fellowship with their family members at home in the mornings or evenings.
The majority of the people want to have a good night’s rest after a hard day of work but the noise from the church is far worse than those made by drunkards. 
I sometimes wonder if the church members have any respect for the community.
The church may view its music played at high volume as good, but the truth is that it is disturbing the Hohola 4 community. 
I have conducted a survey on 100 people and found that all of them had a negative view of the church.
As such, I urge the church members to conduct a survey if they do not believe me.
The Lord is not deaf. 
Even if we whisper a prayer or just pray in our thoughts, the Good Lord will still hear and answer our prayers. 
We don’t have to shout and make loud noises seven days a week. 
There are people who need to rest. 
Even at 2-3am in the morning, I still hear noises coming from the church.


Wak Rambio
Port Moresby