Nomane: Health a priority for Chuave

National, Normal

The National – Friday, December 3, 2010

CHUAVE MP Jim Nomane gave K1 million to Oxford First Aid Supply to purchase hospital equipment for the new Chuave district hospital in Chimbu.
The cheque was handed over to Oxford First Aid Supplies managing director Jeno Aeno on Tuesday.
Nomane also said his joint district planning and budget priorities committee (JDPBPC) would take health needs for Chuave people as first priority.
He said it was very exciting to do business with a locally-owned company which would ensure money remained in the country.
“I am thankful to Oxford First Aid Supplies as it is committed to supply the equipment needed to be installed at the new Chuave hospital which is completed, as health matters is our top priority in the district,” Nomane said.
Aeno thanked the people of Chuave for choosing Oxford First Aid Supplies.
The machines would be installed by the company’s geo-medical engineers, who will conduct trainings for hospital staff on how to use the equipment.
“We will do our best to bring the equipment in less time and install for you, we are very excited to be involved in saving lives,” Aeno told Nomane.
The Chuave hospital was completed at a cost of K2.5 million made available under the district health services improvement programme (DHSIP).