Nomane urged to accept defeat

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The National, Friday 14th September 2012

A COMMUNITY leader from Chuave, Chimbu, says losing candidates must not abuse their constitutional rights in challenging election wins when the majority of people in the electorates have spoken through the ballots to choose a new leader.
George Kingyauwe said these candidates should be humble and accept defeat.
“Why I am saying this is because people want change of leadership,” Kingyauwe said.
He said former parliamentarians should critically consider whether they had shown cause by providing needed services to people when they were in parliament.
He said people voted on conscience and their decisions were influenced by what they saw as developments in their area.
Kingyauwe said the people of Chuave had now appealed to their former parliamentarian, Jim Nomane, to withdraw his election petition against Wera Mori.
“It is the view of the majority of people from Chuave … I have been receiving phone calls to go to the media,” he said.
“I am a recognised community leader in the Chuave electorate.”
Kingyauwe said the people of Chuave wanted change after Nomane was at the helm for eight years.
“It’s a majority choice and Nomane must accept defeat,” he said.
On Tuesday, Nomane, with the help of a Goroka-based Mobile Squad 14 and Police Task Force members, were attacked when they tried to serve the election petition on Mori in Chuave.
When police entered the Chuave district office, Mori was reported to be addressing some people.
These people attacked police and smashed the windscreen of a vehicle, prompting police to fire shots to disperse the crowd.