Nomination of Papa Sam for the Yidan Prize


Since 2015 to this day, I have seen Papa Sam’s tireless, endless effort of finding means and ways on how best he can help people to be holistically viable, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.
Although Papa Sam is not a teacher, professor or a doctor in the field of education, this simple man with a big vision and great passion of helping people, used his creative gold mind to research and develop HDI Personal Viability, a unique education system that addresses the missing link in academic education system and that is the use of knowledge and resources to benefit ourselves, family and our community.
No matter how academically educated you are, when you come through the Personal Viability education system it is a whole new world of life-changing journey.
You will know why we are working so hard and never get anywhere because we don’t know how to work SMART. You will see why when we get our fortnightly wage or retirement fund it finishes just over the weekend or just within six month and we are back to square one – no money.
We don’t know how to use money but only how to spend money. We borrow money from banks to get a new freezer or car or even a house and we work the rest of our lives trying to pay that loan back instead of thinking big and starting small by doing one project at a time and accumulate money to invest.
Now I truly understand why people of Papua New Guinea call Samuel Tam, MBE, CSI, OL, founder and chairman of HDI Papa Sam because he is a great man of honour and respect, a man who has a big heart for all people from all walks of life.
Regardless of who you are, where you come from, whether you are educated or grassroot, whether you have status in the community or not, he forgets all about himself and reaches out to anyone who reaches out to him.
I could say he is a true disciple, a man who practices what he teaches
In 2017 it was my greatest honour to nominate Papa Sam for the world’s largest education prize, the Yidan Education Prize because he has done what others couldn’t do.
He has gone where others wouldn’t go. He has listened when no one else would. He has delivered over 40,000 souls from poverty to prosperity, changing lives forever.
A humble man with endless energy for those less fortunate, his unique life-saving education programme is worthy of global recognition and support, as the education is revolutionary.
Last December attending the Yidan Education Prize Award where global education leaders, teachers, professors and doctors gathered in Hong Kong, Papa Sam, Mama Dawn and I were invited to attend the Yidan Education Summit to find how best an education system can help alleviate poverty and change the mindset of students young and old.
They all presented it in a scientific way to find how best to develop the mind. I sat there thinking if only they knew what Personal Viability training is about, how it was created and that its purpose is to address the very issues they were talking about but in a holistic manner to draw out the best from within.

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