Non-Papuans belong to PNG, too

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “Papuan region needs clean leaders” ( Dec 21) by “Papua Tauna Natuna” of Port Moresby.
The points raised are very discriminatory and can wrongly lead people to believe in regionalism, which is a sensitive issue for the Government.
As part of the development process, which also happens in any other country in the world, culture and tradition will definitely change.
The only thing that should remain is the value we all believe in.
 “Papua” does not only cover Central but includes other provinces too.
I can only hope all the squatter settlements and criminal activities in Port Moresby are caused by non-Papuans.
Take for example, the shooting of the late Sir George Constantinou.
Was it the deed of a non-Papuan staying in a non-Papuan settlement?
I am sorry but the writer needs to get his/her facts right.
Another fact is that Port Moresby is a metropolitan city, a melting pot where people from all over Papua New Guinea and the world stay and work together.
On a closing note, non-Papuans will still invade the writer’s “territory” as long as we are Papua New Guineans.
We search and fight constructively for the good of ourselves and, more importantly, for the good of PNG.

Mt Hagen