North Waghi not seeing services


NORTH Waghi in Jiwaka is the smallest electorate in the country with less than 45 minutes’ drive from its eastern end in Nondugl from the border with Kerowagi to the west to Kimil border of Dei.
For a tiny electorate of 45-minutes’ drive from one end to the other, electricity should have already reached all villages.
But that has not been happening over the years.
This is a disgrace especially when the current MP is getting his share of funds as other MPs of other electorates.
The voters are not seeing their dreams of a water supply in their villages.
There is hardly any new school or aid post being built in the electorate.
The feeder roads are in sad and deteriorating conditions.
North Waghi would have been the most developed electorate in PNG if the past and current MP had a true heart of wanting change and delivering services.
We see in the two daily newspapers and on social media about many impact developments and projects delivered to people in much bigger and difficult electorates by other MPs.
We wonder why this is not happening to our electorates.
The people’s money should reach them.
The authorities should act and find out what has been delivered to North Waghi in terms of infrastructure development since 2017.

Banz Ngalye
Hoping for explanation

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