Northeast to reap benefits of better sports facilites

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The National, Wednesday 29th August, 2012

VICE-Minister for Sports and 2015 Pacific Games Labi Amaiu will conduct a tour of all existing sporting facilities in his electorate – Moresby Northeast.
Amaiu called for all stakeholders to work as a team to ensure Port Moresby and in particular his electorate deliver the best Pacific Games in 2015.
He said the existing sporting facilities include the major sporting facilities along Bisini Parade catering for netball, softball, soccer, rugby union, cricket, Aussie rules and rugby league, the Erima sports oval plus government institutions such as Bomana Police College and Bomana Correction Services sports fields.
Amaiu said as local MP, he wanted to see that all facilities were developed in a coordinated manner over his five-year term.
“While the bulk of the major sporting facilities have already fallen under the Venue Infrasturcture Equipment Committee’s (VIEC) plan for upgrading for the Pacific Games, as local parliamentarian, I want to ensure my electorate benefits across the board in terms of having the best training facilities,” he said.
Amaiu said he would hold meetings with respective sporting bodies which had sporting venues in the electorate.
The former PRL board chairman stressed that one of his main aims would be to help restore the city’s premier rugby league venue the Lloyd Robson Oval in Boroko.
Vice Minister said everyone must corporate to have their facilities upgraded in preparation for the 2015 Pacific Games in Port Moresby.
It is very important that our existing facilities must be transform. The land or area designated must be kept for recreation purposes and not for other purposes.
Member Amaiu said he would be having dialogue with financial institution who managed the existing facilities under mortgage arrangement to have their land title transfer to the sporting bodies so they own the properties.
He said as vice Minister, he is keen to ensure the Port Moresby or PNG provide the best training facilities and competition venues for the international visitors – athletes throughout the region during the 2015 Pacific Games.
Amaiu is appealing to his people to change their attitude to take ownership of sporting venues, properties and business and show other electorate, that they are leading electorate in Southern Region ends