Northen celebrates peacefully

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The National, Thursday 29th December 2011

FOR the first time in many years Northern has celebrated a peaceful Christmas, provincial police commander Victor Isouve says.
Isouve said Northern was dubbed “cowboy country” because of its law and order problems but that had changed this year with no major crime or violence recorded over the long weekend.
“My rural police station commanders from the districts of Kokoda, Tufi, Afore, Ioma, Igora, Isiveni, Sangara, Sorovi and Popondetta town reported a very quiet and peaceful Christmas,” Isouve said.
“Since I took command I targeted the churches, leaders of organisations, business houses and street kids alike on general awareness and education of law and order issues in the province,” he said.
He said it could be the reason behind the peaceful festive celebrations.
Isouve said police in the province were gearing up for New Year operations.
They expect a team from the Southern Division to join them.
He commended parents in the province for taking the lead and allowing their children to celebrate Christmas peacefully with their families, friends and church members.