Northern focuses on children’s immunisation

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Northern Governor Gary Juffa says the key focus for the province with the establishment of the provincial health authority (PHA) is immunisation for children.
He told The National that there was a growing threat of multiple drug resistant tuberculosis in the country and immunisation coverage for children was paramount.
“We paid K250,000 for the establishment of the PHA from the peoples provincial services improvement programme (PSIP) in the last term.
“We believe that it is the way to go to ensure that all health services are consolidated and managed in such a way that our responsibilities to our people are adequately met.
“Our focus will be an immunisation drive for all Oro children and addressing the growing threat of multiple drug-resistant TB.
“We shall be looking at how to establish cancer detection and treatment facilities given the growing problem of cancer and its cost to our people.”
Meanwhile, Juffa said the province would also look at awareness on a healthy lifestyle based on preventative healthcare.
He said given the funding constraints and the burgeoning problem of lifestyle diseases connected with the excessive consumption of processed food, the awareness would focus on preventative healthcare.
“Papua New Guineans are fortunate to have access to amazing healthy organic food that’s abundantly available,” Juffa said. “However, they are being encouraged to consume unhealthy western foods that are saturated with carcinogenic cancer causing chemicals.
“I want to expand our awareness on this front and encourage people to maintain a healthy lifestyle with sound nutritional habits.
“I am glad that the good (health) minister (Sir Puka Temu) is working with Oro and has been most proactive in his management of the health ministry.”

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