Northern needs representation in Govt, says Masere


Ijivitari MP Richard Masere says his decision to join the Government is no secret.
Masere said that it was public knowledge that he had made the decision for his people.
“I’ve made a decision after seeking the advice and response from the people as to whether we should remain in the opposition or move to the government,” he said.
“It is important that we have proper representation in parliament and the best place that we can represent them (the people) from was in the Government.”
Masere, who resigned from the National Alliance Party, said he would be sitting with the government bench when parliament resumed tomorrow.
“We’ve made the decision to join the Government because we want to serve the people’s interest first,” he said.
Masere pointed out that the other reason was that all provinces have representation in both government and opposition except for Northern.
“Northern is the only province that had all three members in the opposition so in terms of a voice in the government we were lacking,” he said.
“I felt that it was important for Northern to have a representative in the Government.
“That also gave me the confidence to be able to cross the floor and join the government so we can have equal representation in parliament.
“Now I can speak on behalf of the people of Northern and not just Ijivitari.”