Northern tapa needs market

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The National, Thursday 20th of February, 2014

A YOUNG man selling tapa souvenirs has said Oro needs to market its local souvenirs because they are unique.
Tapa is a native fabric made from tree barks.
Lancelot Yadai from Airara village in Tufi said tapa designs had been part of the culture of Northern for many generations, especially to the Maisin people.
But he said there were no proper facilities to promote the local products, especially those coming from Popondetta.
Yadai stressed that the province was a potential tourist destination and “tapa” products were prized souvenirs that tourists would want to buy.
He urged government authorities to set up a designated place in town to promote local souvenirs such as “the local fabric, bamboo smoking pipes, lime pots and other artifacts representing the culture and uniqueness of the province.