Not a good move for Govt to rush into death penalty

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013

 OUR country’s crime problems are getting out of hand and with the government finding it difficult to tackle it, it rushes the death penalty through Parliament. 

I believe there are many options for punishment other than the death penalty. 

Before the Government introduces the death penalty, it should carry out wider awareness  around the country and get the people’s views. 

I honestly believe people have good views to advise the government.

First, our justice system is too weak and is not doing enough to punish rapists, murderers, robbers and sorcerers. 

Second, the government should carry out a mass police recruitment programme and pump more money into the police force to rein in criminal activities. 

Third, people without employment or school dropouts are venturing into criminal activities. 

The government should look into creating more employment opportunities, small business for youths and set up more vocational or technical schools to keep them busy and out of trouble. 

Fourth, the government should make a law where it is compulsory for every child  to go to school, youths to be in jobs or be jailed for breaking that law. 

Fifth, give more power to the justice system to enforce tougher penalties for smaller and minor crimes so that people will be frightened of the law our Government has created. 


Malakai Simon Olemba 

Port Moresby