Not all criticisms are bad, Nape

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to tell the Speaker of Parliament, Jerry Nape, that sometimes, criticisms are good as they make him a better Speaker.
These days, the people of PNG like to hear what NCD Governor Powes Parkop or Bulolo MP Sam Basil has to say.
This is because they do not make rhetoric and deliver what they promised.
The people would appreciate it very much if the Speaker would use his common sense in running Parliament and be transparent.
For instance, fixing the air condition at B wing of Parliament is far more important than buying plasma TV sets for MPs.
Parliament is the heart of PNG’s democracy and must be kept properly.  
Plasma TVs are a luxury which the Speaker can buy if there is a surplus of funds.
Even the offices for MPs cannot accommodate these plasma TVs and you call that rational?
Even though I am from Mt Hagen, Mr Basil has earned my respect.
Good leaders earn respect, accept criticisms, walk the talk, make moral decisions for the common good of the people and never cover up or blame the system.
Mr Basil and Mr Parkop do their jobs with distinction even though both are in the Opposition. 


Port Moresby