Not all health workers are equal


I am writing regarding the system that is used to pay health workers who serve in church-run health facilities throughout the country.
The health workers who serve in Government-run health facilities have a better pay system than us who serve in church-run health facilities.
We have also had a big pay cut because, we have been told the Government has reduced its funding for Christian health services.
According to a report by the World Health Organisation released earlier this year, some of the best health services in Papua New Guinea are being provided by the churches.
Despite that, we are still paid less than those who work for Government-run health facilities.
The pay cut has come at a time when prices of food and goods are high and we are therefore finding it difficult to make ends meet.
Please put everyone on the government payroll system so that we can continue to provide the good health services we have been giving.

Concerned Remote Health
Facility Worker

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