Why not choose our airports?


NATIONAL Airports Corporation managing-director Richard Yopo says talks are underway for parking space at Jackson Airport during Apec.
He says the idea is to have the jets drop their delegations off in Port Moresby and they will go and park in Cairns or Townsville, which have fee-based airports.
Once the meeting is over, they will fly back to Jackson for pickup.
Instead of paying Cairns and Townsville for using their airports to park jets and planes, NAC should be thinking of improving the standards of Madang, Mt Hagen, Lae, Hoskins, Rabaul airports and others which have the capacity for bigger planes and jets.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said earlier that airports around the country would be upgraded to cater for Apec jets and planes.
It’s surprising to see the NAC MD looking outside for parking space.
This is ridiculous.
It’s as if PNG has no airports.
Nadzab (Lae) and Kagamuga (Mt Hagen) are international airports.
Why not choose our airports instead of Cairns and Townsville?
Use the money saved to improve the standard of our airports.
Be realistic

Nick Tyson