Not everyone is interested in rugby

Letters, Normal

The National,Wednesday 17th April, 2013

 I AM disappointed after reading your article about the Northern governor’s support for rugby league in the province (April 9). 

To enter the Digicel Cup in 2014 is not in the interest of the people of Northern but a handful of people from the high-lands region and Central who live in the township of Popondetta.

This will cost the pro­vince’s financial resour­ces in the hundreds of thousands of kina over the years to satisfy the egos 

of a handful who are not from the province.

While Northern is suffering from natural disasters since 2007, the go­vernor has seen it fit to commit a financially han­dicapped province to a violent sport.

For the last 15 years, 

the province has performed poorly in acade­mic performance and yet the governor sees it fit to finance rugby league when that money should be put into children’s education.

Do not compare with other provinces who are financially well off.

Let us forget about rugby league and get down to the basics and start working with the people.

Look at the coffee and cocoa farmers who are unable to sell their produce at the market due to 

the dismal conditions of our roads.

If Governor Gary Juffa wants to support sports in the province, then be fair 

to all sports.

Every village, ward and LLG has a soccer team that needs equal recognition.

Will soccer, volleyball and netball get into the headlines in the newspapers too?

The province has been waiting and yearning for 

a saviour.

We thought Juffa was the one, but alas, we will again have to wait for another five years to get the correct person.


Awara Mei

Via email