Not many studying agriculture

Fr Jan Czuba

NOT many students in PNG are taking agricultural studies despite having the opportunity to be an agricultural nation, Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (DHERST) secretary Fr Jan Czuba says.
Fr Jan said one of the common misconceptions about the agricultural field was that it was only limited to farming and animal husbandry.
“Contrary to popular belief, agriculture provides a wide range of career opportunities for students so studying agriculture could also be a way for many to find success,” he said.
Fr Jan was speaking yesterday at the signing of a memorandum of partnership (MoP) with the Western Highlands government to enhance agricultural development in the province through the Highlands Agricultural College there.
“Agriculture is an essential part of the economy that cannot be neglected,” he said.
“In the coming years, there will be a growing need for farmers, horticulturists, agronomists and other related careers where many people can settle.”
The partnership between DHERST and the Western Highlands government aimed to enhance:

  • AGRICULTURE and the future development of Highlands Agriculture College;
  • SCHOLARSHIP coordination and other mutually agreed education opportunities ; and,
  • PHYSICAL infrastructure development for current and prospective higher education institutions in Western Highlands.

“Since the NEC decision to reform, transform and unify the higher education system in PNG, this is the first MoP for a provincial government with DHERST,” Fr Jan said.


  • Too many graduates with Bachelor in Agriculture have no jobs.
    Not worth having a university specifically for Agriculture.
    Giving false hope to students.

  • Create job opportunities for the countless Agricultural graduates who are jobless throughout the nation. Right now these graduates are flooding other sectors just to be given a chance in the workforce. Many happen to choose Education to become teachers.

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