Not many will gain from LNG project

Letters, Normal

Everyone is talking non-stop about the benefits from the LNG project and what blessings it will bestow upon the poor people of Papua New Guinea. 
Yeah, yeah, so what’s the big deal.
As usual it’s all big talk.
There will not be any real sustainable “trickle-down” effect for the grassroots and the poor resource owners.
Apart from the little benefits to the resource owners and ordinary Papua New Guineans, and, as has happened many times before, everyone in the food chain – local, provincial, national governments and their corrupt cronies, a dysfunctional public service, foreign investors, carpetbaggers and many special interest groups will get a piece of the action (or fingers in the cookie jar).
This will further increase the future prospects of political corruption at all levels in PNG.
We will continuously see more local Members’ pet projects sprouting up all over the country and more wanton plundering of the people’s resources by those mandated to lead and govern this country.
Our MPs have, unfortunately and unashamedly, become greedy despots. 
They have become self-appointed bank managers, loans officers, multi-project managers, etc, in their respective electorates. 
They will give out cash and other goods but will not invest the time needed to be fully committed to making good laws in Parliament to protect the country’s natural resources.
Until some very senior MPs are put behind bars, then maybe, PNG’s political corruption levels may abate a little as the message sinks in. 
The politicians and other unscrupulous people selling the country’s resources off to foreign and other special interests groups must be legally convicted. 
The Melanesian culture of being publicly shamed by being locked away in the kallabus for a very long time might just do the trick.
While the LNG project looks massive, every man and his dog are going at it like a sharks’ feeding frenzy. 
The nation is being inundated daily with mass media information overload of what a great blessing this LNG project is to the country and its people that the Prime Minister and his Government have ignored the real basics to fix the daily survival needs of our poor villagers languishing in rural PNG.
The poor rural villagers are now very much caught up in all this confusing euphoria through media hype. 
The people do not really understand why this excitement is being generated by certain politicians.
The fact is that the people will suffer more from the many negative effects of this mad rush to fast track the LNG project. 
This is being done at the people’s expense as the real problems of PNG are not being addressed at all by the Prime Minister and his Government.
Many people are fed up by now that they now looking forward to 2012 and want to see the crooks thrown out of the Haus Tambaran by the real people of PNG.-Reginald Renagi Port Moresby