Not our right to question how God operates

Letters, Normal

THE recent episode following the death and subsequent public announcement by the Pr Joseph Kingal ministry leaders that they have been praying for the resurrection of the late pastor has raised a lot of eye-brows.
The much sought for answer did not come.
Because God is untouched by our human feelings?
I don’t think so.
It is time to take stock of our different Christian faiths and critically analyse them.
Be warned there have been many false prophecies made by deluded Christian groups throughout the world that have not been fulfilled.
Miracles do not always come from God.
The enemies of God can also cause miracles to happen which they have power to perform but certainly not that of raising the dead.
Jesus Christ was under the divine guidance of God and his enemies could not lay their hands on him and take his life because he was doing God’s will.
When his time came to be killed and crucified for man’s salvation, God let his enemies executed the cruel death because it was God’s will.
My warning to many unwary Christian brothers and sisters in PNG is don’t put your faith on miracles as a basis of judging whether God is involved or not in a religious activity and movement.


John Kolis
Port Moresby