Not supporting end of LLG system


I AM against the idea of abolishing the local level government (LLG) system in PNG.
Decentralisation is a response to problems of centralised systems and it’s got nothing to do with the three spheres of government system that we have right now.
With decentralisation, some administrative and financial decision making powers are given to provinces. It is all about reorganisation of functions in which most of them have always been performing well.
Devolution of powers reduces workload from the top level of government and creates room for efficiency and effectiveness.
Transfer of important decision making powers down to lower level is good.
A good explanation and reason has to be provided for abolishing LLGs.
As it is now, abolishing the LLG system will only create huge gaps and problems for authorities reaching out to rural areas.
The roles and powers of governors and district MPs of provinces should be amended in the law to avoid conflict of interest on development objectives.

Hanam Bill Sandu,

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